Santa Cruz Good Times Runner-up Best Local Photographer

2017 & 2016

I was born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains and am an avid animal lover (dogs, goats and horses are my fur-babies!). I spend my time in the woods going on adventures with my beautiful ridgeback/boxer pup, writing fantastical stories and baking too many cakes! (Okay, and drinking a lot of cappuccinos, especially when I am working...)

I have always loved photography, literally always, I went through troves of disposable cams as a kid. I graduated from San Jose State with an honors degree in Film and Creative Writing. The lessons I learned from my film studies developed my photography skills by learning how to capture real or staged events in a professional manner. Additionally, directing gave me the skill-set of making people in comfortable in front of a camera.

After I shot my first wedding, I realized wedding photography was where my heart was at. I fell in love with the joyful energy and happiness of capturing those emotions which lead me to pursue this new found passion as a career.

What does booking me mean?

I aim to keep everything LIGHTFUN! I am an energetic and ADD person, so while shooting I am upbeat and ready for the next moment. I strive to keep it casual and to make you feel like you’re not taking a picture. My focus is on the candids, the natural moments and the photos between photos. (This goes for portrait sessions too, not just weddings!) Also if you are unsure of exactly what you want or need, we will work together to figure it out!

Above photo by the lovely: Kassandra Thompson Photography